Refunds / Overpayments

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Refunds / Overpayments

To simplify the disbursement of your funds, we have direct deposit available!!! If you wish to participate in direct deposit, please go to

Review a Step by Step Guide.

Financial Aid refunds are disbursed within 14 calendar days from when the credit balance has been created or 14 calendar days from the start of the term, whichever is later. Other forms of refunds from adjustments or payments are to be requested.

Tuition deposit refunds are to be requested with Admissions for approval. Please know that any approved tuition deposits will be disbursed to the student via check in US dollars. These refunds will not be credited back to a credit card or returned to a bank account.


  • Receiving a refund check doesn't automatically mean that your account has been cleared and paid in full. Please note that authorization needs to be given for excess financial aid funds to be applied to ALL charges on student account including any prior year charges up to $200. The Federal Student Aid Authorization form can be found on  Under Financial Information-Financial Aid.  Check mark and submit to agree.  If you don’t agree, uncheck and submit.
  • If a credit card payment was made to your account within 60 calendar days of the refund date, funds will be issued to the credit card first. Any additional credit that remains will then be issued to you in the form of a check.
  • Credit balances generated from the Parent Plus loans will be given to the parent as a check unless otherwise noted on loan application.

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